Blues’n’Boat 2024

September 9–16

Netherlands, Friesland


Join us for one week long voyage with blues dance, relaxation and exploration of the Netherlands


Do you like blues dance and would you like to improve your skills?

You do like travel and want to explore Netherlands by boat?

Do you want to meet new cool people?

Than join us for Blues’n’Boat 2024 – already 2nd Edition!

We will travel more than 150 km onboard our boat throughout beautiful region of Friesland, Netherlands.

Every day there will be two hours of blues dance practics – on the boat or in lovely towns on our way. In the evenings we can party hard


When on board we will eat the lovely food prepared by our cook Míša (and we will help her with kitchen duties a bit). She is able to please vegetarians, vegans and omnivores as well.



If you consider yourself to be advanced or passionate intermediate blues dancer who love to train with other blues dance enthusiasts than this week is exactly for you! Let’s train and share skills together while sailing throughout Netherlands… Before voyage all 12 participants will vote for dance topics they would like to dive in most during the week. Most wanted topics will be the themes for 12 hours of practises. Which topics from the blues dance realm it’s going to be is up to you/us all: some cool moves, some of the many blues idiom dances, dance techniques, solo steps etc. Let’s share our perspectives and learn from others…

people on board

days in total

hours of blues dance training





This is a track of my voyages in the area in years 2017, 2021 and 2022, so this is roughly our action radius… I will compile the route based on my previous experiences, weather etc.


What if I get sea sick? I quite a lot suffer from travel sickness...

Don’t wory! We will stay with our boat on the channels and small lakes where there are no waves. So there is really small chance you get kinetosis. And in that one promile chance that you will not feel well the captain will have appropriate medicine for you…

I consider myself to bee an introvert. I'm affraid of cabin fever when there is going to be so many people on such a small place...

I’m organising sailing trips for last ten years. With every participant who want to join any of my voyages I spend beforehand at least half an hour on online call to discuss our expectations, possible worries etc. So I always pay a lot of attention to crew composition. And moreover – you don’t stay with all others seven days and twenty four hours a day. Every day there is a chance to go for a walk on the land – alone or every time with somebody else from the people on board. And while cruising you can be on the deck, in the saloon, in the kitchen, in your cabin, on the bow, so there is so many places and possibilities where you can be according to your current needs. And believe me – our boat is, compared to sailing boats, rather big and spacious 😉

How does our days will look like?

Every day in the evening the program for the next day will be announced based on our needs, energy, weather forecast etc. We will wake up according to previous evening program. There will be two 60 minutes training every day – of course voluntary – they can be one right after the other or separated, in the morning or afternoon, onboard or somewhere on the land. I like to alternate anchoring in towns and nature, so we can enjoy both. Every day we will spend approx. two to four hours cruising with our boat, so most of the day you have a chance to have a walk, swim, take one of our five bikes and explore surrounding area etc. While cruising, you can dance, chat, drink wine, read, watch beautiful landscape and also actively steer the boat – everybody is welcomed to participate on operating the boat – I will teach everybody interested. When we will be doing docking manoeuvres I will need few people to help with the boat. We will usually take a lunch on the boat, we can have dinners on the land. In the evenings we can enjoy social dancing as much as you want.

Besides blues dancing and exploring the area can I somehow contribute to the program?

Absolutely! DIY part of the voyage program will be very appreciated. Please, if there are any activities you like to do and you would like to share with others you are very welcome. Please let us know in application form…

If you have any other question please feel free to contact us.


Martin Šandera

DANCE BIO: Martin began his blues dance journey in 2018. From 2014 to 2019, he was devoted to swing dance (Lindy Hop) and taught it at Prague’s Swing Busters School. He has also explored tango, boogie-woogie, contemporary dance, house dance, partner acrobatics, and martial arts. In the spring 2022 he co-founded the Blues Dose school in Prague with Pavla Tomanová, where he has been teaching regular lessons since May 2022. In June 2023, he completed a week-long Bluesology Teacher Training in Valencia.

SKIPPER BIO: Martin got his first yachtmaster licence in 2010. Since than he traveled onboard various ships almost 6000 nautical miles all around Europe. Every year he spend four weeks as a skipper on voyages he is organising. You can find more about his yachting alterego here. This will be his 6th voyage to Friesland.

Míša Clark

Míša will be our cook, and we’ll be assisting her in the kitchen. She is studying blues dance intensively since June 2022 and her passion for it knows no bounds. Beyond dancing, she’s a woman of many talents – a painter, a tattoo artist, holder of 1st kyu in Aikido, and that’s just the beginning of the list… Last year she was our cook at Blues Dose Retreat and she did an amazing job there.

Check out the facebook event Blues’n’Boat 2024 for updates



Please pay registration fee within two weeks after our confirmation. If you want to pay in two installments we can discuss it.

Cancellation policy:

  • if you cancel by email before January 1, 2024 – 75% of your admission will be refunded
  • if you cancel by email before April 1, 2024 – 50% of your admission will be refunded
  • if you cancel by email before July 1, 2024 – 25% of your admission will be refunded
  • if you cancel by email after August 1, 2024 – there will be no refund

If you can not come and don’t want to loose your money, you can find another participant instead of you with appropriate dancing skills and sell him / her your spot, but you must discuss this in advance with us please! Thank you.


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Feel free to contact us

phone / whatsapp: +420777575407
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